Domestic Investigations

Domestic investigation is a general term describing investigations that simply have to do with private individuals and with personal issues. Domestic investigation can help you avoid fraud, theft, and other forms of criminal problems in your own home. This type of investigation can also help you safeguard your family.



Many people think it would be pretty easy to follow someone around. Well it’s not! Surveillance is an art that takes years to perfect and even for an experienced investigator there are many challenges daily. We employ some of the very best surveillance investigators in Michigan and are eager to help you. Video produced will have date and time stamps and produced at the highest quality available.

Background Checks

Background Checks

We can perform affordable background checks for a multitude of industries. If you are in the need for a background check please call (800) 218-7510.

Popular Background checks

  • Tenant
  • Employer
  • Nanny/babysitter
  • Insurance
  • Dating
  • Social Media

Location services


Are you looking for a lost love? A friend from High School? Relative? We have the skill and ability to track down many unknown individuals all over the country.

process service

Process Service

We are very proud of our 93% success rate on all serves. We not only make attempts at the provided address, additionally we will perform investigation until we locate the individual needing to be served.



Interviewing is the complex process of gathering facts from people that can then become testimonial evidence.

Locate Missing equipment

Locate Missing Equipment

We have several methods of locating missing equipment. Maybe you have had something stolen or possibly you are a repossession company and are looking for a vehicle, boat etc. We have the use of drones in addition to several tracking software we use to assist us in this type of service.

Covert Camera Installation

Covert Camera Installation

Are you the victim of vandalization? Do you need to know who is coming and going from your home? There are many applications that a covert camera can be used for. These cameras can blend into a home inside or out and can be available for 24 hours recording for up to 15 consecutive days.

GPS Tracking

GPS Tracking

Vehicle tracking is a great way to learn where a spouse or employee is traveling to and how long they are staying. Additionally, this is a great tool to monitor a teenagers driving habits such as the driving routes taken, how fast they drive and where the vehicle is currently parked. If you suspect infidelity in a relationship, a GPS vehicle tracking device may provide you with the clues you need to determine if surveillance is necessary. TruePoint Investigations will gladly guide you on choosing the right tracking device for your situation.

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